Journal: A Happy New Year!

On January 1st, I woke up at 10:00 AM. When I saw my phone, there was a new e-mail. That was from my boyfriend. The message was “A Happy New Year! I ask for your continued good will in the new year.” I sent the same message to him. I ate zoni and osechi on the breakfast. It was very delicious. After breakfast, I dressed up and made up. I put on the necklace which my boyfriend gave me as Xmas present. At 12:00 PM, I went to boyfriend’s apartment. Then, we visited a temple in our local at the beginning of the New Year. First, we threw money into an offertory and prayed to the gods. Of course, my prayer was secret to everyone. Then, we pulled out omikuji. When I pulled out an omikuji it had “Moderate luck” written on it. When my boyfriend pulled out an omikuji it had “Greater good luck” written on it. He was very delighted. That was the first time I pulled out an omikuji, so I was also happy because the omikuji was moderate luck. My boyfriend bought me an amulet. These days, I had a headache, so he bought it to recover my headache. After that, we bought a chocolate banana and a takoyaki. Then, we came back to my boyfriend’s apartment. We drank an alcoholic drink of shochu mixed with soda or soda pop together. My boyfriend’s face came to red gradually. He might get drunk easily. We watched TV and talked with. I came back to home at 7:00 PM. My first day of the year was very nice because I spent with my boyfriend.

Journal: December 27th

CAJZRAH9CAIYHGOMOn December 27th, I met best friends at night. We met by appointment at 17:00 at Wakaba Walk in Saitama. I went to boyfriend’s home to lend a CD before I met them. My boyfriend sent me to the place fixed for waiting for each other by car. I was 6 minutes late. Kottsu (one of my best friends) was there. Ixtsu-chan was 13 minutes late. Ka-kun was 15 minutes late, so he said “I’m sorry to late.” to us. We went to a family restaurant near Wakaba Walk. We talked about a lot of things there. First, we talked about our Xmas. Ka-kun went to Shiodome with his girlfriend. Ixsu-chan went to a studio with his sister. Kottsu woke up at 13:00, and he went to a preparatory school and studied. I just remembered, Ka-kun wore a sweater which his girlfriend gave him as a Xmas present. It was very cute, and he was pleased it very much. Then, we talked about my boyfriend and me. I said “I want to marry him.”, but they disagreed. My boyfriend is a person who has had one divorce and he has a child. Ka-kun said “You should put yourself in your parents’ place.” Kottsu said “If your boyfriend’s company will have a problem in the future, you must pay childcare expenses. You should consider it. I want you to be happy, so I disagree with your marriage with him.” I was shocked because I had thought they would agree with my marriage with him. However, I was also delighted because they thought seriously of me. After that, we talked about study abroad. All we wanted to go abroad to study. Ka-kun said that he wanted to go to Australia. He goes to a hotelman school now, so he is to be a hotelman. He said “I want to be able to speak English perfectly because I must explain in English if foreigners come to the hotel.” Kottsu said “Shall we go abroad to study together?” I wanted to do so. By the way, I ate too much there. I ate a Doria, an all’arrabiata, and two ice creams. At last, we took some pictures. We spent more than 30 minutes to take pictures. I was satisfied with them very much. We left there at 22:00. I wanted to talk with them more, but Ka-kun had a schedule with his friends the next day. We came back home by bicycle. The order was Ixtsu-chan, Ka-kun, I, and Kottsu because Kottsu is always a person in charge of making arrangements. Kottsu sent me to my house. I had a good time with them. I’m looking forward to meeting them next time.


Anti-retroviral drugs=medications for the treatment of infections caused by HIV

ex. She takes anti-retroviral drugs because she has HIV.

Immune=that cannot catch or be affected by a particular disease or illness

ex. Adults are often immune to German measles.

Survival=the state of continuing to live or exist, often despite difficulty or danger

ex. His only chance of survival was a heart transplant.

Burden=a duty, responsibility, etc. that causes worry, difficulty or hard work

ex. I don’t want to become a burden to my children when I’m old.

Work-force=all the people who work for a particular company, organization, etc.

ex. The factory has a 1000-strong work-force.

Feasibility=the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done

ex. It is the feasibility of screening athletes for cardiac disease.

Chair=to act as the chairperson of a meeting etc.

ex. Who’s chairing the meeting?

Nationwide=happening or existing in all parts of a particular country

ex. The company has over 500 stores nationwide.

Elevate=to give sb/sth a higher position or rank

ex. He elevated many of his friends to powerful positions within the government.

Via=by means of

ex. I heard about the sale via Jane.

Pity=a feeling of sympathy and sadness caused by the suffering and troubles of others

ex. I could only feel pity for what they were enduring.

Pitch=to throw sb/sth with force

ex. The explosion pitched her violently into the air.

Director=one of a group of senior managers who run a company

ex. He’s on the board of directors.

Umpire=a person whose job is to watch a game and make sure that rules are not broken

ex. He was an umpire of a baseball game.

Disposal=the act of getting rid of sth

ex. It was the disposal of nuclear waste.

Surpass=to do or be better than sb/sth

ex. He hopes one day to surpass the world record.

Generation=all the people who were born at about the same time

ex. My generation have grown up without the experience of a world war.

Fertility=the state of being fertile

ex. It is a god of fertility.

Pick up=choose

ex. Pick up a number from one to twenty.

Two-incomes=both parents work

ex. A lot of today’s households have two-incomes.

Tumor=a mass of cells growing in or on a part of the body where they should not

ex. I have a brain tumor.

Treble=to become, or to make sth, three times as much or as many

ex. He trebled his earning in two years.

Outcast=a person who is not accepted by other people and who sometimes has to leave their home and friends

ex. People with the disease were often treated as social outcast.

Previous=happening or existing before the event or object

ex. The car has only had one previous owner.

Potential=that can develop into sth or be developed in the future

ex. First we need to identify actual and potential problems.

Away=to or at a distance from sb/sth in space or time

ex. The beach is a mile away.

Seminoles=a member of a Native American people, many of whom live in the US stats of Oklahoma and Florida

ex. There are many Seminoles.

Major=very large or important

ex. We have encountered major problems.

Join=to fix or connect two or more things together

ex. Join one section of pipe to the next.

Grades=marks given in exams or for piece of school work

ex. She got good grades in her exams.

Calligraphy=beautiful handwriting that you do with a special pen or brush

ex. I like doing calligraphy.

Characterize=to give sth its typical or most noticeable qualities or features

ex. The city is characterized by tall modern buildings in steel and glass.

Priest=a person who is qualified to perform religious duties and ceremonies

ex. He is a parish priest.

Poll=the process of voting in an election

ex. The country went to the polls on March 10.

Excutive=a person who has an important job as a manager of a company or an organization

ex. He is an excutive of a famous company.


Hike=to go for a long walk in the country

ex. I want to hike the Rockies.

Revenue=the money that a government receives from taxes or that an organization, etc. receives from its business

ex. The company’s annual revenues rose by 30%.

Call for=to shout or say sth

ex. I called for help.

Modest=not very large, expensive, important, etc.

ex. The research was carried out on a modest scale.

Compensate=to provide sth good to balance or reduce the bad effects of damage, loss, etc.

ex. Nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one.

Rumen=the first stomach of a ruminant

ex. People don’t have rumen.

Burp=to let out air from the stomach through the mouth, making a noise

ex. He burped.


ex. He wiped his hand across his mouth, then belched loudly.

Coalition=a government formed by two or more political parties working together

ex. It is a coalition government.

Facility=buildings, services, equipment, etc.

ex. All rooms have private facilities.

Maintain=to make sth continue at the same level, standard, etc.

ex. She maintained a dignified silence.

Genetic=connected with gene

ex. These abnormalities may have a genetic basis.

Department=a section of a large organization

ex. Follow the red arrows to the X-ray department.

Deadline=a point in time by which sth must be done

ex. I prefer to work to deadline.

Expires=to end

ex. Your subscription expires with the June issue.

To come into force=?

Formalized=made an arranged

ex. It is a formalized plan.

A huge cut on=?

To function well=to work well

ex. Many children can’t function well in large classes.

Vary widely=to be different a lot

ex. The students’ work varies widely in quality.

Migrating birds=birds of passage

ex. There is a treaty on the protection of migrating birds.

Vital=necessary or essential

ex. Reading is of vital importance in language learning.

Get injured=injure

ex. I got injured.

Relative=considered and judged by being compared with sth else

ex. The committee will look at the relative merits of the two proposals.

Dash=to go somewhere very quickly

ex. I must dash, I’m late.

Commensurate=matching sth in size, importance, quality, etc.

ex. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Boast=to talk with too much pride about sth

ex. He openly boasted of his skill as a burglar.

Rebuff=an unkind refusal of a friendly offer, request or suggestion

ex. Her offer of help was met with a sharp rebuff.

Adhere=to stick firmly to sth

ex. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria adhere to the surface of the red cell.

Relocate=to move or to move sb/sth to a new place to work or operate

ex. The company relocated its head office to Stanford.


Poaching=illegally hunting birds, animals or fish on sb else’s property or without permission

ex. The poaching is not admitted.

Scattered=spread far apart over a wide area or over a long period of time

ex. Her family are scattered around the world.

Represents=be equal to

ex. The decision represents a significant departure from previous policy.

Make-up call=an event that makes people realize that there is a problem that they need to do something about

ex. It was a make-up call for him to correct the answer.

Enforcement=making sure that people obey a particular law or rule

ex. It’s the job of the police to enforce the law.

Competition=a situation in which people or organizations compete with each other for sth that not everyone can have

ex. We won the contract in the face of stiff competition.

Athletic ability=the ability of the physically strong

ex. He has a good athletic ability.

Chimney=a structure through which smoke or steam is carried up away from a fire, etc. and through the roof of a building

ex. He threw the paper onto the fire and it flew up the chimney.

Scatter=to throw or drop things in different directions so that they cover an area of ground

ex. Scatter the grass seed over the lawn.

Ingenuity=the ability to invent things or solve problems in clever new ways

ex. She has the ingenuity.

Tremor=a small earthquake in which the ground shakes slightly

ex. There was an earth tremor.

Epicenter=the point on the earth’s surface where the effects of an earthquake are felt most strongly

ex. This group is at the epicenter of Russia’s

Vibrating=moving continuously and rapidly to and fro

ex. My cell phone is vibrating in my pocket.

And stuff=something like that

ex. I like rock music, pop music and stuff.

Chimney= a structure through which smoke or steam is carried up away from a fire, etc. and through the roof of a building

ex. He threw the paper onto the fire and it flew up the chimney.

Collapsed=fallen down or fallen in suddenly, often after breaking apart

ex. The roof collapsed under the weight of snow.


ex. He had an injury.

Laptop=a small computer that can work with a battery and be easily carried

ex. It is a new laptop computer whose low cost will make it attractive to students.

Longevity=long life

ex. We wish you both health and longevity.

Liability=the state of being legally responsible for sth

ex. The company cannot accept liability for any damage caused by natural disasters.

Defoliate=to destroy the leaves of trees or plants, especially with chemicals

ex. People defoliate the trees.

Lexicon=the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge

ex. The size of the English lexicon is very large.

Journal: “slipped away”

My new favorite song, “slipped away” is sung by Avril Lavigne. I found the song on YouTube. Avril’s 2nd album, under my skin has the song. “slipped away” is very sorrowful song. She composed the song when her grandfather died. She loved him very much, so the song is her feelings for her dead grandpa. Although my grandfather is well, I also love him very much, so I can understand the song’s meaning well. The song is about 3 minutes long, so it seems to be a short song. However, the content is heavy and strong though it is only about 3 minutes long. From the beginning, most of Avril’s songs are only about 3 minutes long. My favorite lyrics is “I hope you can hear me” or “There you’re gone, There you go, Somewhere I can’t bring you back.” I wish even a little more people will listen to the song.

Journal: Christmas Eve

CAQYKAFJCAKN0XDKOn Christmas Day, I went to Kamakura with my boyfriend. We met at 9:00 AM near my house, and we left for Kamakura by his car. It took about 4 hours to go to there. He had the wrong way on the road, and the traffic was jammed up because of Christmas Day, so it took more than we expected. In the car, we talked about a lot of things. I had a good time, but I felt tiredness because I’ve never had more than 4 hours in the car before. At 1:00 PM, we arrived there. First, we went to Tsurugaokahachiman-shrine. We took some pictures at there. One of my friends told me that there are many squirrels at there, but there are many pigeons instead of squirrels. After we left there, we walked around Kamakura. While we walked, we were accosted many times by the men who pulled rickshaws. I bypassed, while my boyfriend said “Sorry” to the men every times. We bought 2 straps at a shop. It was Kewpie dolls of Yoritomo Minamotono and Yoshitsune Minamotono. The Kewpie doll of Yoritomo Minamotono was mine, and the Kewpie doll of Yoshitsune Minamotono was his. We attached the straps onto our cell phones. I was satisfied it very much. After that, we had a lunch. I ate a pork sauté set meal, and he ate a cutlet of pork fillet set meal. It was very delicious. After that, we walked around Kamakura again. He bought my family sable cookies. And he bought me an ice cream. It was delicious and the taste was like a custard pudding. Then, we went back his home. We left Kamakurea at 3:00 PM, and it took more than 4 hours to go back his home. We drove with seeing sea. It was very beautiful sight, so I took many pictures. The traffic was very crowded because the time was the evening rush hour. I slept for 20 to 30 minutes in the car. My boyfriend took a picture of my sleeping face. Maybe, the picture is his standby screen of cell phone now. While I was sleeping, he smoked. I like him when he smokes tobacco. I looked at him for a while. As a matter of fact, I had a headache all the way to his home. However, I didn’t tell it to him. We arrived at Sakado-city (our local city) at nearly 7:30 PM. We bought 2 cakes at a cake shop near my house. Then, we went to his home. We ate the cakes while watching TV. At the time, I told him that I had a headache since we left Kamakura. I measured the body temperature. I had a temperature of 37.4. He said that I should take medicine and lie down. He put a cool towel on my forehead. I got confused because my mother told me that I must not catch a cold if I went out. However, I caught a cold. I told him it, but he said “I can’t help you.” I was very shocked, so I said “Well, nothing that can be done. I want to break up with you.” Then, he said “Why don’t you stick for me? I always stick for you, but you don’t understand at all. Why?” We had a quarrel for a while. However, I decided to stick for him, so I thought I should go home and tell my mother that I caught a cold. I was reconciled with him. He said “Don’t say that you want to break up with me. Go together, please?” I said “Yes.” Then, we kissed many times. It was the Christmas Day of all my life’s Christmas Day for me.

Book Report#2

David CopperfieldBook Report by Kasumi Ichikawa


MLA citation

Dickens, C. (1850). David Copperfield UK: Longman Group Inc.




Charles Dickens’s fictional novel David Copperfield has characteristic of autobiography, as it is based on Dickens’s early life experiences. Dickens and David are alike because they experienced many hardships in childhood and they finally became novelists. The story takes place in early Victorian England against a backdrop of great social and was first published in 1850. David Copperfield is set in the Victorian period. From 1850 to 1870 is a golden age of it, so this story refers to money and promotion because men’s gender in those days was advancement in life. I will give a summary of the story, including plot, climax, and conflict. Then I will analyze the story more, talking about character datails, point of view, theme, symbolism, metaphors, and irony.




First I will outline this story by explaining the plot, which is fairly lengthy as there are so many details. David Copperfield is born after his father dies. He has exposed to grim reality because of his mother’s remarriage since he is ten years old. As soon as he is forced to enter a boarding school, his mother dies. David is made to work at Mr Quinion’s office in London. The only psychological support for him is when he keeps company with Micawbers in lodgings in his hard, humiliating daily.


After a while, David decides to support himself and he leaves for Dover to visit his great-aunt, Betsy. She adopts David as her son. She lets him enter school and educates him, and she arranges for him to launch forth in life. In the meanwhile, he meets Agnes, and he is exerted a great influence on his life by her.


David finishes the education and starts studying at a law office. He falls in love with Dora Spenro who is a daughter of the office’s employer. He marries her, but he is troubled because Dora is too young wife. It means that she is beautiful but she can’t do anything. One year and several months have passed, Dora dies because of weakening after an abortion. He gradually starts realizing Agnes’s sincerity and affection while he spends dark life after Dora dies. After years pass, they marry and he comes true happy home life. With that, David rises like a meteor as he is a novelist. This is the clear climax of the story, as it is the point of David’s self-help.


There are many conflicts in David Copperfield-David versus Mr Murdstone, David versus Uriah Heep, Betsy versus Uriah Heep-but most of them are expressions that David gets over difficulties in order to realize self-help.




There are five main characters in the story, although only three really appeared in the plot above. David Copperfield is clear central character. He is a protagonist. In his childhood, he undergoes hardships because his father’s company becomes bankrupt and his father dies before he is born. Also, his mother’s second marriage is related to his hardships. His mother’s marriage partner, Mr Murdstone is an antagonist. He controls Copperfields after he marries David’s mother. He makes David go to a boarding school and Mr Quinion’s office after David’s mother dies. Mr Murdstone doesn’t like David, and David also hates Mr Murdstone. David’s aunt, Mr Micawber, and Agnes are also protagonists. They support David very kindly. Especially, his aunt, Betsy brings up him though she hates men. Uriah Heep is also an antagonist. He defrauds Betsy of money and tries to marry Agnes though she doesn’t want to do. At last, David carries out self-help and success in life as a novelist. This is like the author’s life.


The point of view of David Copperfield is the first person. Charles Dickens uses “I” many times. He wrote this story with comparing for similarities of himself and David, for example, that “I retained my modesty in very self-respect; and the more praise I got, the more I tried to deserve.” In addition, there are many conversational sentences. This is very effective because the readers can understand easily as for simple, direct actions, so they could imagine the scenes of the story more exactly.


I have finished giving an overview of the characters and point of view, now I would like to talk about some themes and symbolism in David Copperfield. The theme of David Copperfield is self-help. In the Victorian period, men’s gender was advancing in his career and makes an effort. David is poor and undergoes hardships in childhood. However, he never gives up, and he visits his aunt to realize his self-help. He endeavors, for example, he studies very hard while he is supported by his aunt, Agnes etc. Finally, he succeeds in life as a novelist and establishes a happy household as well. He achieves many things and he thinks back them when he grows up. This leads to the way that self-help should be. Dickens uses David’s life to symbolize to his own life. When Dickens was a child, he was very poor because his father was careless about money. He had to work at a factory when he was twelve years old, and he suffered a psychic trauma because of his father’s debts. After that, he studied stenography by self-education, and took an active part in a reporter. He became a popular novelist by writing Sketches by Boz in 1836. David’s life and Dickens’s one are very similar and two men’s life are the ideal of men in the Victorian age.


There is metaphorical usage in the novel. Agnes is a metaphor for the ideal woman in the Victorian era. Women were angels in the house, so they must be modest and submissive. Agnes is the ideal woman at that time because she is clear and she has supported and loved David all the time.


I thought David’s life (also Dickens’s life) is our model one. David always makes an effort to come true his self-help and success. I learned how we should live from this book. People who choose easy way will not be successful and happy, but people who choose hard way will answer it. I also should choose tough way and want to be successful and happy.


In conclusion, Charles Dickens’s novel expresses the ideal life in the Victorian period. However, I think this is also good for us at the present time. David first marries Dora, but he cannot be happy because she is beautiful but she can’t do anything. She is nothing but a doll. This is the main irony of this story. But after that, he remarries Agnes, and he becomes happy. I wholehearted recommend that you read this book because I think you may be dedicated about anything like David after reading and it must change your whole life!

Mosaic p25

The power of language.

Canada has two official languages, English and French. It makes a country weak to have more than one official language because having more than one official language means it needs translation from one language to the other language(s) when people in the country buy something and so on. It is very troublesome. India is the other country that has more than one official language. Its official languages are English, Hindi, Telugu, Assam, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil etc. So that country should change their language policy because Indians cannot communicate with foreigner in other countries except Indians who speak English as official language. Hindi, Telugu, Assam, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil are too maniac languages to communicate in other countries.

Journal: Dreadful Time

Recently, I don’t like my part time job very much. Last Saturday, it was very dreadful time for me. Two new customers came to, and they made me unhappier than usual. At first, my boyfriend, Ken-chan came and I talked with him. However, he came back his home at 11:00 PM, so I helped the two new customers. They looked at me, and they said “You are cute.” to me. I was asked to inform them my e-mail address, so I did. After I informed them my e-mail address, their attitudes for me changed. When I was asked to sing along karaoke, I sang. Then, one of them said “It was not attractive.” to me. It was my first time that someone is negative about my singing. I was very shocked. Because of it, I came to hate them. One of them who was NOT be negative about my singing slept from 12:30 PM on the seat. So, other customer who was be negative about my singing talked to me continuously. Although I hated him, I listened his talking with smiling. That’s my working. But when I made his drink, I forgot answering to him. So, he said “Are you listening?” many times. I answered “Yes. But, I’m sorry. I made your drink, so I couldn’t answer.” Then, he said “You must listen to customers’ talking carefully in this place.” I hated him very very much because of it. Why must I be got angry? I had never been got angry by any customer since then. I worked till 2:00 AM that day. Last two month, I usually worked till 1:00 AM, so it was hard as well as dreadful. I don’t want to go to part time job next Saturday, but I have to go.