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To Shio,

Thanks again for agreeing to house-sit for me. I want you to do these three things while I am out.


First, make sure to look after my children. They are quintuplets of five years old. Their names are Jun, Tatsuya, Shinichi, Hana, and Sakura. They are very cute, but very individual. Please look after them considering their individualities.

Jun is a sensible child. He can do most of things by himself. But he has a lot of pride. If he cannot do anything by himself, you should not do it by yourself but support him. And, if he can do it with you, please praise him. If you forget this, he will get angry. Tatsuya is an active child. He likes soccer. He is so active that he plays soccer in home and breaks something almost every day. So if he plays soccer in home, please scold him. But I think he won’t lend his ear, and you will hit his buttocks. Shinichi is a sensitive child. And he is a blubberer. Tatsuya often says to him, “Crybaby!”, so he cries more and more. In this case, you have to give Tatsuya advice not to say something that someone sustains an emotional hurt first. Then, you have to comfort Shinichi, but you also have to teach him that he should not cry because he is a boy. But, please teach him it gently. Hana is a greedy child. She eats too much food. You need to go shopping to buy a lot of things to eat and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner with many dishes for her. She likes hamburger steak, deep-fried chicken, sausage, and pork fried with ginger and soy sauce very much. So please make at least one of these menus for her. But if you make anything, please make her dish bigger than other children’s dishes. Sakura is a precocious child. She speaks a lot of things as adults do. And she likes dressiness, so I think that she will play with your toilet articles. Sorry…she is very pert. If she plays with your toilet articles, please tell her, “You should make up when you grow up. You don’t need to do it now. And I’ll buy same toilet articles for you.


Second, don’t forget to take a walk with three pigs and feed them. They are like THREE PIGS of a children’s story. They are very active, so you will be very tired after taking a walk with them. You should take a walk with quintuplets because I always do it with them. My children like three pigs and they take care of three pigs very well. So I think that you will be more easy than you take a walk with three pigs by yourself.


Third, remember to clean our hot spring bath set in the open. My house has it. Maybe, it will take at least an hour for you to do it. It is hard…But after finishing it, you can take our open-air bath! It’s in reward for doing three hard things.

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  1. Good job on your homework assignment, Kasumi!

    However, you still have about 1,500 words of journals still missing…

    You are still missing a self-introduction in the “about” page.

    Please erase all example posts, etc., and make some useful links. I’ll check again later. You also need to change your theme’s design (go to “appearance”)

    You twitter assignment (short blog) was due on this site last week…


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