Video Report:Kiwi!

Video Report: Kiwi!   by Kasumi Ichikawa


Introductory Words

I watched the short, Polish animated film called “Kiwi!,” which can be found on at the following link:



This was a silent movie, so I could not get any vocabulary from the movie, but in my summary and analysis, I underlined 5 words I thought were important:

        Vertical=at right angles to a horizontal plane; in a direction, or having an alignment, such that the top is directly above the bottom

ex. Keep your back vertical.

Sorrowful=feeling or showing grief

ex. She looked at him with sorrowful eyes.

Undergo=experience or be subjected to

ex. The baby underwent a life-saving brain operation.

Downcurved=curved downwards

ex. His lips are downcurved.

Nostrils=either of two external openings of the nasal cavity in vertebrates that admit air to the lungs and smells to the olfactory nerves

ex. The smell of cigarette smoke and vodka invaded his nostrils.



This film, which is just over 3 minutes long, is by Madyeti47 who made this video at the school of visual arts, MFA Computer Art, in New York. It is the story of a bird which cannot fly at tall cliff. In the film, a bird which name is Kiwi experiences like a flying. Kiwi walks from the edge of a cliff with pulling a rope tight. But the ability to resist of the rope is so strong that he falls down. At the last extremity, he attaches the rope to a tree. He runs to the edge of the cliff and climbs down the rope. The place he climbs down is the surface of a tree which is vertical. He takes out some nails and a hammer from his body, and drives a nail to the tree. The tree is vertical against the cliff. He climbs the cliff and looks down from the top of the cliff. Some trees are vertical. Seeing it, he claps his legs because he finishes preparations to experience like a flying. He puts the rope away and puts goggles on and looks down many times. Then, he runs and falls from top of the cliff. He moves his small hands or winds ( I cannot understand what it is…) with crying because his dream is flying. This scene is sorrowful and a feeling of loneliness because he is a bird but he cannot fly. Then, maybe he will die.


Analysis and Opinion

I thought this story of the film was sorrowful and a feeling of loneliness. Kiwi is a flightless bird, so his dream is flying. However he cannot fly as a matter of fact, he prepares various things to answer his dream. At the end of this story, he cries because he can experience like a flying and be able to become a normal bird. I felt very sad because he is satisfied with the situation even if it is the imitation of flying and he sacrificed his life in order to fly.


The goal of making this video is to tell us that doing something to answer our dreams is important. In the film, Kiwi cannot fly, but he wants to fly because he is A BIRD. He has rough sledding to answer his dream, for example, he falls down because the ability to resist of a rope is so strong when he pulls the rope tight and attaches it to a tree. But after these difficulties, he can answer his dream even if he does not fly in fact. Although, it is very hard for us to answer our dreams, we should make an effort or undergo hardships, to say the least, do something. I thought that Kiwi taught us so.


The title Kiwi is the name of a bird. Kiwi is a flightless New Zealand bird with hair-like feathers, having a long downcurved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip. This feature became this film’s theme.



1)    What is Kiwi?

2)    Why does Kiwi cry at the end of the movie?

3)    Why did you think, or did you NOT think, this story was sorrowful?

4)    What do you think about Kiwi’s actions?

5)    What did Kiwi tell you?


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